Road King Caravans: Mobile Caravan Repairs
Road King Caravans: Repairs
Caravan Repairs & Maintenance
Caravan repairs are wide and varied and we tackle each job with a new point of view, below are a list of some of the work we carry out:
 General Repairs
>  Replacing hot water anodes
>  Leaking windows
>  Leaking roof hatches
>  Changing broken door locks
>  Blocked A/C drains
>  Interior & exterior panels
>  Testing and replacing clearance and marker lights
>  Replacing broken drop down legs
>  Installing sliding pantry shelves
>  Replacing caravan doors and access doors
>  Sealing screws under j-mould to prevent water leaks
>  Severe weather/water damage
 Additional Extras: we can add on to your caravan...
>  Sliding pantry shelves
>  Air-conditioning units
>  Roll out awnings
>  Reverse cameras
>  Tow aides and Anderson plugs
>  Wynguard antennas fitted
>  Annexe walls fitted
>  Access doors for extra storage
>  Slide outs for BBQ and outside sink
>  Drop down table
>  Wine fridge
>  Storage bins
>  Checker plating

.. and so much more, the extras are just limited by your imagination. Preventation and maintenance are a major factor in keeping your caravan in its best condition, this will help with the enjoyment and resale of your van.