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 Bob & Kaye Black
Roadking Caravans Pty Ltd, was born about 2 years ago when after 12 years in the Caravan industry, we decided to hit the road and provide a mobile repair service that was lacking in our area. Part of this initial adventure was to travel around Australia, holidaying and offering a mobile service to the travelling public. The response was overwhelming, with many a happy customer thankful that their trip was not cut short due to problems they were experiencing with their caravan.

We were lucky enough to have one of Australia’s leading caravan magazines do not one but 2 articles on us as well as a feature in one of their DVDs which also appears on Aurora TV.

At the moment we are based back home in Townsville surrounded by our 5 children and 9 grandchildren. A salesman once said to me how can you sell these bloody caravans when all these people want to do is talk about their travels! Mate I thought, you haven’t got a clue... and he is now selling used cars!

You see for us, its in our blood, its who we are and what we do. We travel in our custom built Roadstar Voyager Sapphire, so we understand your needs and your problems.

Don’t be shy to call Bob for a quick chat or ask a question, we are branching out into spare parts next year and hope to offer an easy and competitive range.

If we don’t see you on the road, we’ll see you at happy hour!


Bob & Kaye Black